Friday, 25 May 2012

Generative Design: Pin Point

Here is an example of generative design which was created using an interesting method. The process used to create the design included dropping a number of pins to the ground, then plotting their position on a set area. This method was highly effective due to its random nature in each scatter pattern. Afterwards the design was photographed then each pin was linked to each and every other point. Thus creating an interesting geometric shape all unique to this part of the process. Then a random colour gradient was added across the shape using an online random colour generator taking the first two colours generated. This again took away any design influence to the design. This process is recorded in the booklet below. 

Using the above process a series of 10 posters were created.  

The Posters

Pin Point detail / CMYK values used for the gradient

The booklet showing the process used for the generative design

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