Friday, 29 July 2011

Summer Project (The Other World in the Silver Mirror)

Introducing Silver and the rest of her royal family. Silver is a small moth like creature. Perhaps it had something to do with being confined to her dark tower on the far side of the castle but she had always been pale and skinny. She wore a small silver diadem on her mass of untidy brown hair but she never regarded herself as a typical princess. Her large eyes were filled with a deep sadness, not happy with her miserable existence with her parents. The Old King and Old Queen who rule the shadow kingdom of Oberon with their strict views.
Silver would dream of escaping her life and finds another world in her many magical mirrors. With the aid of her faithful pet dragon, Gilbert and the help of a mysterious human boy she escapes the castle and finds herself on the most extraordinary journey she could ever imagine. However the Old King and Old Queen have other ideas regarding her fate …