Friday, 4 March 2011

Ink Blots

The characters made from Ink Blots. Making an evil Royal family.
The Old King
The Old Queen


Gill the pet Dragon

 The Kingdom the characters have lost rendering them homeless.

The characters travel after loosing their home collecting what they find on their way.

Showing the Royal Family inhabiting their lost Kingdom.

Characters collecting things they come across on their travels. Particularly the Queen in search of new clothes and accesssories.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

'Tim Burton Yourself'

For the project we had to turn ourselves into Tim Burton like characters based on our features and personality. Turning myself into Awkward Lanky Boy.

'An Unlikely Story'

Research map

This is my outcome from my research project. 
I done a Marauders Map based on my life including places of value to me. These features on the map were constructed mainly using type. 

In particular the walls from the plan of my house were done using memories of my childhood.

'31 things to make life worth living'

Data Visualisation Posters showing what makes my life worth living.

'Branding the un-brandable' (Star Gazing)

Project to package up something that makes you happy.  I decided on making a box that could contain the night sky.

'The Word on the street' Poster Cultures

Protest Poster

Museum Poster

'Pure Type' Book Covers

Book Covers done using purely using type. The type being used to convey the meaning behind the books.